Koité Grill is One of Tom Sietsema’s “7 Favorite Places to Eat Right Now”

The Washington Post’s Tom Sietsema has named Senegalese restaurant Koité Grill as one of his 7 favorite places to eat right now:

Their joint effort is a primer on the food of their native Senegal. Yassa is tender baked chicken spiked with Dijon mustard, black pepper and ginger, and smothered with onions cooked to near-liquid softness. Dibi finds chunks of lamb or goat that benefit from an overnight sit with garlic and chile powder and Omar’s knack for making sure each morsel leaves the charcoal fire crisp on all sides, but never burnt. A peanut butter sauce lends its charm to maafe, a hearty stew of chicken or meat, plus potatoes and carrots that sponge the flavors of the sauce. Entrees come with a choice of strapping sides. The likelihood of leftover jollof rice or vermicelli, jazzed up with green olives and banana peppers, is strong. But you’ll be glad to revisit them come midnight snack or next-day lunch.

Koité Grill opened in the former home of Abol Ethiopian Restaurant at 8626 Colesville Road in downtown Silver Spring last September. The Koité family opened the original College Park location in 2016, which, according to The Diamondback, was originally a Halal Meat Shop & Grocery Store:

The siblings’ mother started the family business after moving to the U.S. from Senegal in 2002 and working in catering for some time. The family bought the store from a halal shop owner on the verge of failure and brought in more customers, Koité said.

The menu features Senegalese favorites and daily specials, as well as burgers, wraps, and salads. According to Yelp, their Dibi is quite popular, described on their menu as “House special juicy tender charcoal grill lamb, goat or chicken, with grilled seasoned onions and a dash of special Dijon hot pepper sauce.”

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