Public art proposals for Purple Line stations shown last night

One of the public art proposals for the Manchester Place Purple Line station, the only underground station in the east side of the line. Photo by Mike Diegel.

Residents got the first look at the proposals for public art for the county’s Purple Line stations last night during a meeting at Montgomery Blair High School sponsored by the Purple Line Art-in-Transit program.

Attendees were encouraged to comment on the proposals, of which there are several for each station. Those comments will be compiled and shared with the Selection Committee, which will meet May 17 to select the winner for each station. (Disclosure: the writer is a member of that committee.)

Those unable to attend the meeting can view all of the proposals and comment on them at the link given above.

Here are some of the proposals’ displays from last night’s meeting.

(No preference was given or should be implied by the choice of photos. All photos by Mike Diegel)

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