Residents Warned of Potential Rabies Exposure from Ashton/Burtonsville Coyote

Montgomery County health authorities have confirmed that a coyote responsible for attacking two individuals on Thursday in the Ashton and Burtonsville areas tested positive for rabies.

The animal was captured and euthanized on the same day, according to a county press release. Untreated rabies is a fatal condition in humans.

Health officials urge anyone who may have come into contact with the coyote to consult their primary care physician to assess the nature of the contact and determine if any further actions or treatments are necessary.

Those without a primary care physician can contact the county’s Disease Control Program at (240) 777-1755.

If a pet had an encounter with the rabid animal, owners are advised to call the Office of Animal Services at (240) 773-5900. Pet owners should ensure their pets are up-to-date on rabies vaccinations and consult their veterinarian for specific inquiries regarding their pet’s health.

Photo: Rabies Virus 3D Illustration © Ezume Images –

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