Councilmember Evan Glass Joins EPA’s Local Government Advisory Committee

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently appointed 16 new members to the Local Government Advisory Committee, and among them is Montgomery County Councilmember Evan Glass (At-Large), who chairs the County Council’s Transportation and Environment Committee.

The LGAC guides the EPA regarding climate policies and regulations, with a focus on how these decisions will impact local communities. Its members act as intermediaries between the federal government and their respective local areas to ensure the effective implementation of these policies.

“I am honored to serve on the EPA’s Local Government Advisory Committee and I look forward to working with leaders from across the country to develop climate policies that protect our communities and our planet,” said Councilmember Glass in a press release. “It is imperative that local leaders are engaged in the federal policymaking process as we work to address the climate emergency we are experiencing.”

This year, the committee will give feedback on the EPA’s plans to reduce plastic pollution, updates to regulations for decreasing lead and copper in drinking water, the development of a cumulative impact framework, and efforts to enhance community-level communication and engagement on climate change issues.

“Councilmember Glass brings an important perspective to the Local Government Advisory Committee, and will be instrumental in guiding EPA policy and effects on local governments,” said EPA Mid-Atlantic Regional Director Adam Ortiz. “The committee will provide input on the proposed Lead and Copper Rule Improvements, the draft Strategy for Reducing Plastic Pollution, EPA’s efforts to develop a cumulative impact framework and to improve community-level communication and engagement on climate change issues.”

“The Biden-Harris Administration has made a commitment to advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility across the federal government,” said EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan. “This important committee is comprised of individuals from across the country, representing the diversity of America, so we can reflect a range of input as we craft regulations impacting their communities.”

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