Ride On, Metrobus Introduce Courtesy Stop Programs

Ride On and Metro are introducing night-time courtesy stop programs to help passengers feel more secure using the bus in late night hours, the agencies announced.

Night-time courtesy stop programs have been successfully implemented in many North American cities, such as Philadelphia, New York City, and Austin, the agencies said.

Ride On previously offered courtesy stops, but the program was removed during the pandemic.

“The safety of every customer is important to us and for those traveling alone at night, having the option of a courtesy stop will provide an additional sense of security,” said Metro General Manager and Chief Executive Officer Randy Clarke in a press release. “It’s a small but meaningful measure, along with the added value that comes with your peace of mind.”

Upon boarding, passengers should inform the operator if they will request a courtesy stop. When approaching the drop-off location, passengers should pull the bell cord, approach the front door, and request that the driver stops at a safe location.

Courtesy stops will be offered after 9 p.m. daily on all bus routes. However, courtesy stops cannot be accommodated on limited-stop and express Metrobus routes.

Metro’s courtesy stop program began Sunday, June 25; Ride On will resume the program on Sunday, July 2.

MCDOT Graphic

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