County’s Minimum Wage for Large Employers to Rise to Nearly $17 Per Hour in July

The minimum wage in Montgomery County will go up to nearly $17 per hour for large employers on July 1, county officials announced.

The minimum wage for employers of 51 or more workers was set at eventually rise to $15 per hour in legislation passed in November 2017. That level was reached in 2021.

The law now requires the county’s chief administrative officer to increase the minimum each year based on the previous year’s consumer price index “for all urban wage earners and clerical workers (CPI-W) for Washington-Baltimore,” according to a press release.

Beginning July 1, “the county minimum wage will increase to $16.70 per hour for large employers. The rate for mid-sized employers will be $15 per hour. The rate for small employers will be $14.50 per hour.”

The county plans to offer more information on the increase later this year.

Montgomery County graphic

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