Ride On Bus Routes to Increase Service Beginning Jan. 29

The county’s Department of Transportation will increase service on 31 Ride On bus routes starting Sunday, Jan. 29, officials announced this week.

A total of 44 routes were adjusted to improve efficiency based on rider numbers in order to increase efficiency. Ridership data and on-time performance are monitored regularly throughout the year in order to identify routes that could be improved with schedule changes, MCDOT said in a press release.

“Public transit that is reliable and on time is critical to the people who count on it,” said County Executive Marc Elrich.  “It is a best practice to regularly evaluate and adjust bus service to ensure needs are being met. Dependable and reliable bus service leads to increased ridership which supports our sustainability efforts, reduces congestion and increases the quality of life for our residents.”

County bus route changes starting Jan. 29 will include:

  • 31 routes will have increased frequency due to ridership: 12581112141517182225293133343639474851576370768398100101 and Metro Bus routes L8T2; Three of these routes also have slight time changes: 184876
  • Four routes have decreased frequency due to ridership levels: 45467596 
  • Nine routes will have time changes for accuracy, but no changes in frequency: 91030373843446667
  • Additionally, 20 of the above-listed routes will have a change in overall hours of operation: 151418222529313351576366, 6770758398 and Metro Bus routes L8T2  
  • One route has a slight route change with no bus stop, time or frequency changes: 51

The Ride On Real Time website provides information about bus schedules and trip planning for county riders.

“Being dependable is our priority,” said MCDOT Director Chris Conklin. “We are continually making data-driven changes to improve consistency and reduce travel times.”

All county buses have a fare of $1 to ride, reduced from the $2 pre-pandemic fare.

MCDOT Graphic

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