County Seeks Photos of Holiday, Winter Decorations for Online Display

The county is asking residents to share some holiday cheer this season by submitting photos of winter and holiday decorations that will be displayed online.

Participants are welcome to submit up to five photos of their homes and neighborhoods. Some will be chosen for display on the county’s home page; all photos will be posted to a special website for viewing by everyone.

“I know this year has been extremely difficult for so many of us—for our friends, families and neighbors,” said County Executive Marc Elrich in a press release. “As we head toward the shortest day of the year on Dec. 21, I ask you to take a moment and look around your house and your neighborhood and submit a photo of a decoration ​or display that makes you smile or brightens your day, or literally, your night.

“It can be a drawing, decorations on a house or houses, a winter plant​ display or something else that makes you smile or gives you a moment of respite. If it is bringing you and your neighbors some joy, we hope you will share it with others,” he added.

Submitters must include their name, email address and the area of the county where the photo was taken. If submitting a photo of someone else’s home, they will need to grant their permission before the photo in submitted. 

There are no prizes or awards, as this is not a contest. However, all photos submitted will become the county’s property and may be used in other ways.

Photos will be accepted until 5 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 8.

Photo by Amandajm licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. 

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