County Council Campaign Sign Challenge: Elite 8

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We’re now down to just eight contestants left in the Source’s County Council campaign sign challenge.

Today’s poll will determine who makes Monday’s Final Four signs, just before Election Day.

With the competition stiffening, we thought we’d remind you of what our design consultant, Eric Robbins, said in his initial review of these eight contestants:

  • Brandy Brooks—Good concept but difficult to read the first name, and border of county lines interferes with last name.
  • Evan Glass—Good name typography. Simple and direct with non-traditional color scheme.
  • Will Jawando—Good, classic high-contrast color scheme with blue and orange (War Eagle!). Lines at the top help frame text and draw the eye down to focus on the name.
  • Cherri Branson—the words “Elect” and “Branson” are good to have shown prominently, but lack of contrast on first name (light blue) makes it disappear.
  • Hoan Dang—Something to be said for “DANG’ in big letters. But the yellow for the first name totally washes out.
  • Danielle Meitiv—Simple and direct, though trying to extend the 15 minutes of free-range-mom fame is getting old.
  • Michele Riley—Good font treatment with blue tints. A little more bold on the name—even just the last name—could help with recognition.
  • Graciela Riviera-Oven—Good use of full width for longer last name. Like the swoosh as a hyphen. Could have taken advantage of space and done “GRACIELA” (memorable name) the full width.

Enjoy this round of voting and look for tomorrow’s Final Four.

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