Police asking residents to complete survey about department, crime and safety

Graphic from Wikimedia Commons

The county’s police department is looking for residents to participate in a short survey about the department, neighborhood crime and public safety issues.

According to the survey’s introductory statement, “Understanding community views of the police is important to ensure MCPD is operating with appropriate enforcement and social service responses, improving police-community relations, and enhancing the performance of police officers in Montgomery County.”

The study is being conducted by Naya Patterson, a University of Maryland student, as part of her policy engagement project course at the university. The police department’s Planning Section is overseeing the project.

The department would like one member of each household (who is at least 18 years old) to complete the 15-minute survey, which is intended to identify and resolve issues affecting public safety.

Residents can contact Patterson at with any research-related questions, or the planning manager, Dr. Melissa Schulze, at 240.773.5019 or [email protected] to report a research-related problem.

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