Candidate Questionnaires Generate Varied Amounts of Traffic

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In April, we sent the Democratic candidates for an at-large position on the Montgomery County Council a short questionnaire that asked why they were running, their qualifications and why voters should choose them over other candidates, among other questions.

Nineteen candidates responded, and we published each questionnaire as they were returned to us.

After a period of time, we thought it would be interesting to look at the traffic generated by each post on the Source’s website, and the number of people reached on our Facebook page.

As of June 1, here are the results for each respondent, along with links to the questionnaires:

Candidate                            Web Traffic                   FB Reach    Total Exposures

Jill Ortman-Fouse                          493                                 480               973

Steve Solomon                                298                                 444                742

Will Jawando                                  311                                  378                689

Danielle Meitiv                               253                                 395                648

Evan Glass                                       221                                 380                601

Ashwani Jain                                  209                                 306                515

Brandy Brooks                                181                                  329                 510     

Seth Grimes                                     176                                 329                 505

Hans Riemer                                   188                                 290                478

Chris Wilhelm                                 180                                 284                464

Rosemary Arkoian                          179                                 280                459

Marilyn Balcombe                          172                                 276                448

Gabe Albornoz                                 165                                 263               428

Hoan Dang                                       148                                 271                419

Michele Riley                                   124                                 283               407

Neil Greenberger                              74                                 278                352

Richard Gottfried                           121                                  229                350

Cherri Branson                               131                                  208                339

Lorna Phillips Forde                       89                                  210                299

These numbers should in no way be looked at as a measure of each candidate’s relative strength going into the primary. There are too many variables affecting the traffic, such as length of time the post was on the site, the amount and type of paid or earned promotional efforts put in by each candidate and/or supporters to share the post, the relative level of social media use by each candidate’s supporters and friends, and so forth.

The real test will start with early voting next week, June 14, and end on Election Day, June 26.

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