The Big Greek Café Gyro Named One of Country’s 10 Best

A gyro from Silver Spring’s The Big Greek Café has been named one of the country’s 10 best by Mashed, a New York City-based site devoted to news about food from grocery shopping to restaurants and popular chefs.

Our Famous Gyro Pita Is described by writer Brianna Persons: “[T]he hefty roll contains finely-sliced meat, tomato, onion, and creamy tzatziki rolled into an airy pita. A chunk of Feta and pepperoncini add flavorful (and colorful) garnish.

“With the gyro, we say go big or go home, and this one, in particular, is the entire package.”

The Big Greek Café, founded in 2009, is located at 8213 Georgia Ave. The company also has outlets in Rockville, White Flint/North Bethesda, Bethesda and Hillandale, as well as operating a food truck.

Photo: © Joshua Resnick/Adobe Stock (h/t @justupthepike)

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