Ethiopian Market Open on Georgia Avenue

A store featuring Ethiopian goods and other products is now open at 8120 Georgia Ave. in downtown Silver Spring.

Nazret Market, which opened Oct. 19, sells traditional products such as injera, as well as bulk amounts of the grains used to make the sourdough flatbread. It also carries many spices including berbere, mitmita and others imported from Ethiopia, lentils and various beans.

The store includes Ethiopian coffee and unroasted coffee beans, as well as traditional Ethiopian coffee makers and coffee service sets, imported canned goods and a wide variety of juices and soft drinks.

The inventory also includes products found in typical American groceries, such as pasta, pasta sauces and saltines, and some unexpected goods such as panettone.

Shoppers can also pick up books, cookware, giftware, framed art and even luggage.

This is the market’s third location. The owners operate other stores in Falls Church and Alexandria.

Photo by Mike Mowery

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