Public Invited to Comment Online About Bicycle Master Plan Recommendations

The Montgomery County Planning Department is seeking additional public comments on the preliminary bikeway recommendations from the Bicycle Master Plan.

The department has launched an interactive Bikeway ReactMap on its website to encourage reactions to the preliminary recommendations. Users can view the map and its legend, review a description of bikeway facility types and add comments about the recommendations.

Planners began working on the master plan in July 2015, considering ways to implement the newest types of bikeways, such as separated bike lanes and neighborhood greenways, as well as secure bicycle storage facilities at transit stations. Staff also evaluated the varying levels of stress imposed by traffic on cyclists along each roadway in the county, with the goal of providing a low-stress network for bicyclists wherever possible.

The public was able to learn about and comment on the recommendations during a series of meetings held in June. The Bicycle React Map is another way to see the recommendations and comment on them.

The comment period will close July 15.

Graphic from Montgomery County Planning Department