County Council At-Large Candidate: Seth Grimes

Photo of the candidate courtesy Seth Grimes.

Why are you running for County Council?

Public service is a passion for me with a focus on environmentalism, education, and supporting our neediest and most vulnerable neighbors. As a former elected official, I know that local government service allows an effective advocate to get things done.

What are your qualifications for the position?

I am a former Takoma Park Councilmember and a long-time community advocate. I’ve served six years on the board at Shepherd’s Table and am a member of the Montgomery County Board of Social Services. I’m a former neighborhood association president and business association board member and have served on four civic committees. I’m dedicated to Montgomery County and have the experience to serve as an effective public advocate!

Are you using public financing, yes or no? If yes, have you qualified for matching funds?

Yes and yes.

What specific policies and/or programs would you propose to expand the county’s tax base?

Let’s create conditions that attract entrepreneurs, that help them found and grow businesses of all types—services, restaurants, technology, retail, and consulting—here in Montgomery County, creating jobs for a highly capable workforce. This means small-business support and streamlined permitting. It means expanded childcare and vocational education options and workforce development, and it means creating the new housing, transportation, and school capacity we need to support growth and create opportunity for all.

I’m an average voter, interested in doing my civic duty but not an avid follower of county politics. Convince me that I should vote for you over all the other candidates.

Experience counts! Consider The Seventh State’s assessment: “Former Takoma Park City Council Member Seth Grimes’s edge is his experience…Grimes passed legislation allowing 16-year-olds to vote in municipal elections as well as banning environmentally harmful pesticides and polystyrene containers. The latter two bills were models for similar county legislation…Grimes comes across as studious and tremendously substantive…fact-oriented, careful, versed in policy and extremely well informed. It’s obvious that he would be ready to serve on the County Council from day one.”

Seth Grimes is a 22-year Montgomery County resident, the parent of two K-12 public school grads, a small business owner, and community advocate who was elected to two terms on the Takoma Park City Council. He is a six-year Shepherd’s Table board member and 2016 co-founder of the Takoma Park Mobilization, a “resistance” group. Grimes is married to Franca Brilliant, also a community advocate, who is senior manager for development at CASA de Maryland.