Money Muscle BBQ Featured in Eater D.C.’s “Where to Find Outstanding Barbecue Around D.C.”

Downtown Silver Spring food truck Money Muscle BBQ has been featured in Eater D.C.’s article, “Where to Find Outstanding Barbecue Around D.C.”

The article highlights the authors’ picks for barbecue around the Washington, D.C. area.

The article highlights the authors’ picks for barbecue around the Washington, D.C. area.

"D.C. is notorious for its population of transient workers, so it’s only natural that the local barbecue has evolved to satisfy a range of regional sensibilities.

"Many popular places serve brisket, the king of Texas meats, alongside pulled pork and ribs, which are more popular throughout the Southeast.

"Inside the District, Federalist Pig and DCity Smokehouse have attracted some of the most fervent followings.

"Texas Jack’s has risen to prominence in Northern Virginia. 2Fifty Texas BBQ and Money Muscle BBQ are two impressive options in Maryland."

As previously reported, All Set Restaurant & Bar owners Ed Reavis and Jennifer Meltzer debuted their Money Muscle BBQ food truck last September.

Last month, the outlet announced plans to create an outdoor seating area in the parking lot next door.

Tentatively, the family-friendly space (next to All Set’s 8630 Fenton St. location), which will be blocked off with some decorative barriers, will be open Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 8 p.m., depending on staffing.

Money Muscle & All Set turned off all third-party delivery apps last month in response to a surge in in-person dining. Currently, all in-person dining is first-come, first-serve, and the restaurant currently does not accept reservations online or over the phone.

“Actually, now as we’re opening back up we’ve turned off our third-party delivery services,” co-owner and managing partner Jennifer Meltzer said to WUSA9 last month.

“I’m having to balance, how long our guests are going to wait in the restaurant for their food, to have a dining experience, because I can’t, I can’t control the flow of tickets.”