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    David Lay

    Safeway - Silver Spring, MD

    Numerous complaints have come in recently about the Safeway on Thayer Avenue. They recently removed the Self-Checkout registers, replacing with a single cash register. Lines are often long, and employees are less than helpful.

    What has been your experience? Do you shop elsewhere?

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    The staff hasn’t seemed to have changed but the removal of the self checkout has been a huge headaches with very long lines.  I feel like they went backwards by removing them.

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    Removing the self-checkout without apparently increasing staff has been a disaster. But what really got me mad – I had assumed this was a chain-wide decision, but recently I stopped by the Kensington Safeway and discovered that they still have self-checkout! I can only assume that they think that people in Silver Spring are more likely to steal than people in Kensington.

    I have been meaning to write to the corporation to complain but I haven’t had the time to sit down and phrase it politely…  In the meantime I am trying hard to not to shop there, even though it’s absurd to drive to Giant or Sniders when Safeway is three blocks away. I’ve found I can get a lot of the non-food stuff at Strosniders or CVS (although the lines at the latter are often no better).

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    I hope the rumors that Aldi is taking the old Staples space are true.  (Oddly enough, that Staples location was once a Safeway store!) Competition might spur much-needed changes at the sub-par Thayer Safeway. The Safeway at Four Corners is also small and has no self-checkouts, but I never have to wait in line there. The staff seems to care a bit more there, too.   The only thing Thayer Ave. has going for it is location, and even that is losing its appeal. It might be worth a try to reach out to Albertsons, the new owners of Safeway. Perhaps an organized boycott of the store is in order.

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    The Safeway isn’t great, but I find it much more pleasant to shop than the Giant on East West! I’m hoping that the Harris Teeter and Georgia and Eastern will happen.

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    So I will start by saying that some days for bigger trips I will go to the Safeway on Piney Branch on DC as opposed to the Thayer Ave Safeway mainly because of the self check out lanes at the former (being able to get beer and wine helps too!). I too wish they had brought them back to this store.

    However, as for the staff I cannot speak for those who have had issues but I have never had issues with them – in fact most of them know my face from shopping there often. If I have to return things, even if I don’t happen to have a receipt, there are no questions asked. I wonder if it was a decision up above about the self-service checkouts being taken out?

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      David Lay

      I have no idea who made the decision to take out the self-checkouts, but at least in my experience it has made for longer lines.

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    UPDATE: I was  so annoyed after a visit to the store last night, I decided to write Safeway through their “contact us” E-mail.  I included a link to this thread so that they would understand I am not alone in my frustration with this store.  If I receive a reply from Safeway, I’ll post it here.

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    An update – I too am going to contact Safeway and see what happens…I had to pick up one item – spaghetti sauce around 5:30 pm on a Monday. I went to the Safeway and the lines were at least three or four people deep in the two lines that were open. So I went to Giant..To me it’s ridiculous!

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    My E-mail to Safeway corporate headquarters resulted in a phone call from the store manager. I haven’t returned his call yet.

    In the news this week, a surprise visit  from DC councilman Vince Gray sparked some changes at two Ward 7 stores: https://www.washingtonian.com/2017/08/25/safeway-is-super-cleaning-its-east-of-the-river-stores/

    Maybe we need to contact our MoCo council member about the issues.  My temporary solution has been to avoid shopping at the Thayer Ave. store.



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    David Lay

    They now have an Amazon Locker:

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    It’s been there since at least early December, not sure when it appeared.  There’s also a locker in the Whole Foods on Wayne and the 7-Eleven on Georgia next to the Golden House.

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    yes as said the lockers came last year.

    But really we need that safeway demoed and rebuilt.

    Could they do it like the wheaton metro safeway?

    That is a parking garage undergound, safeway, and hi rise apt building on top?

    I know there is already construction next door of Studio Plaza (silver spring avenue and mayor lane) and 900 thayer ave( is it still called the adele?) .

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