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    Todd Scribner

    It looks as though the gas station on Georgia and Colesville has reopened. I thought it had closed in preparation for the hotel. Any word on whether or not plans have changed in that regard?

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    David Lay

    I walked by last night and it’s definitely still closed.

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    Ha, good to know. I swear that when I drove by on Saturday morning the fencing was removed and I saw cars by the pumps. Perhaps I just misread the situation. Or perhaps just still half asleep.

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    It is open. July 4 2018.

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    I know… still open. Any idea if it is kaput or are there still permitting issues? I wish some of these projects in the area would take off (this and the Guardian Building).

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    FWIW, I emailed the company in charge of the development project and he said that they were having permitting issues, but expected to move the project along in late summer. I guess I will believe it when I see it.

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