Rhizome DC Featured in Documentary Film

Old Takoma nonprofit community arts space Rhizome DC is featured in the documentary film ‘rhizome is home‘, according to the daily newsletter 730DC.

In the film, local artists tell the stories of their first performances at the DIY venue, which was slated to relocate in 2021.

Since opening in February 2015, “many cross-genre music shows, workshops, performances, talks, and exhibitions happened at Rhizome,” according to the film’s description. “Community members and artists tell the story of the space (that follows in [the] footsteps of many similar DIY venues), showcasing important underrepresented voices, yet having to relocate in fast-changing cities. Featuring many mind-bending performances over the years, this film presents snippets of memory of experimental arts and community in the historic Takoma house in DC.”

Photo Courtesy of Rhizome DC

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