Takoma Park Apartments Sold for One of Highest Per-Unit Prices in Area

A portfolio of 48 apartments in Takoma Park has been sold for one of the highest per-unit prices in the area, according to a press release.

The total sale price was $7.9 million with an average price per apartment is $164.584, according to the Bethesda office of Eastern Union, a commercial real estate firm that arranged the transaction.

“Reflecting Eastern Union’s commitment to superior customer service, we sold these properties at a price that aligns with the highest prices now being commanded in Takoma Park,” said Alex Bensahel, who led the Easter Union transaction team.

The apartments, which are in a range sizes, number of bathrooms and bathrooms, include a six-unit apartment house at 8507 Flower Ave. (shown above).

Others sold are 22 units at 702 Chaney Dr., and buildings of various unit sizes at 8501, 8503, 8505, 8609 and 8611 Flower Ave.   

“Founded in 2001, Eastern Union is a leading, national commercial mortgage brokerage firm. It employs more than 90 real estate professionals and closes an average of $4 billion in transactions annually,” according to the firm’s announcement.

Eastern Union photo

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