Parent Education at Nora: Managing Anxiety in Your Teen

Wed., March 24, 7 pm: Anxiety in Teens, Understanding avoidance and other academic issues In this presentation we will talk about strategies for your teen related to your child’s anxiety, how to walk the fine line between protecting your child and bolstering their independence, counter-acting avoidance, and how to navigate and diffuse conflict in your … Read more

Acorn Hill Waldorf Kindergarten & Nursery Tour

Join us for a virtual tour on Jan. 7 to learn about our preschool and kindergarten programs for 3-6 year olds. In response to COVID-19, all our classes have moved outdoors, whatever the weather. Register at ( We will send you a link to the Zoom on the morning of the event. Our playground is … Read more

It’s a Sensory Rich World! Let’s Get Out and Play!

Join us as we explore the importance of sensory play to promote healthy development for every child! The seven senses will be discussed and a wide variety of sensory play experiences in each domain will be given to help parent and teachers build their sensory play toy box so that all children can thrive in … Read more

Acorn Hill Waldorf Kindergarten & Nursery Virtual Tour

Join us for a virtual tour to learn about the programs at Acorn Hill and Waldorf early childhood education. All our classes for children 3-6 years old have moved to the outdoors, whatever the weather. Our playground is nestled in the woods and is a quiet and peaceful oasis, away from the hustle and bustle … Read more

Radically Ready Open House: Grades 9-12

Visit to RSVP or send an email to [email protected] Is your child in grades 9-12 challenged by their current online school experience? The Nora School is a small high school for students looking for greater engagement with their learning and the world. Because the school is small in numbers with a spacious modern facility, … Read more

Summer programs extended due to later school start date

The county’s summer programs will be extended. Photo from CERDEC via Flickr. In a move likely to please a number of parents of school-age children, the county’s Department of Recreation and the school system announced they are extending their summer programs. The extension will accommodate parents without childcare options and is driven by the executive … Read more

Local businesses now must offer paid parental leave

Photo from Public Domain Photos Employees in Montgomery County are now eligible for paid parental leave under an expansion of the county’s Earned Sick and Safe Leave Law unanimously passed by the County Council yesterday. “Generally, local governments don’t pass parental leave,” said Councilmember Tom Hucker (D-District 5), who was the lead sponsor on the … Read more