Rethinking Your Kitchen

Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time in our kitchens. I’m going on record to say that this is the most important room in my house.

A woman told me the other day that she teleworks two days a week. It’s the room where she goes when she needs a break or is reflecting on her job while taking on a simple chore. It’s where we meet when coming home and sharing our day. And it’s the room where smells of fresh-baked anything lingers.

If you’re thinking about updating your kitchen, design to your lifestyle, but always keep in mind that someday you may wish to sell your home, and choosing the wrong way to go could actually cause your home to sell for less. So stay ahead of the trends and even venture out to visit open houses, where many people go to get ideas.

Here are a few trends that we’re seeing:

Two-toned painted cabinets are popular, with white and classic grey. People are also gravitating towards medium and light wood cabinet variations that offer a space that is inviting through the texture and natural element of wood.

Homeowners and buyers want to reduce cluttered spaces and will spend to install deep drawer organizers, pullout waste or recycling baskets, and small appliance counter garages.

So what about stainless steel appliances? A few years back, word on the street was they were going out. But no, they didn’t. So now there is the variation—black stainless steel. It looks modern and is easier to keep clean. But if you are mixing appliance brands, it can be tricky to match finishes, so best to stay with one brand family of appliances.

Backsplashes with elaborate shapes, patterns, colors mimicking wallpaper, concrete and wood are replacing subway tile.

And the trend is moving toward touch-free faucets and sinks that make more of a statement with natural stone and copper materials. Stainless steel and white porcelain are always good fallbacks, though, as they aren’t going anywhere.

Melinda Schnare is a real estate agent with Real Living at Home (RLAH)

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