Up on the Roof: Why You Need a Home Inspection

I’ve been working with the nicest couple that is buying their first home. The home has some unique features, such a great room with lots of windows and a spiral staircase that goes to the second floor.

They’d been searching for a while, but fell in love with this home, even seeing that it would need some love and attention. When you buy a home, you should include a home inspection contingency by a licensed contractor. Working with our home inspector, we discovered on the roof what looked to be some deteriorated wood and warped shingles.

Two licensed roofing contractors were called to provide proposals for the work to be done to make the repairs, both reputable companies. It wasn’t a large job by any stretch. However, the cost variance between the contractor proposals was significant—enough to furnish a room in the house.

It pays to get two to three contractor proposals when you are doing work on your home. And, make sure they are thorough in listing line-by-line the items the job will cover.

Guest post and photo from Melinda Schnare, a real estate agent with RLAH Real Estate

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