Multi-Generational Living Together

Guest post and photo from Melinda Schnare

Multi-generational living is growing in popularity.

Families in a variety of stages of their lives are seeking homes for multi-generational living. Features families are looking for include homes that provide privacy and seclusion and yet allow their family to come together in enjoyable ways.

This trend includes young parents seeking the benefit of grandparents to care for their children while they’re working. College graduates are coming home to either save money to pay off their student loan debt or save the down payment for a home of their own. Additionally, parents are coming for extended stays to simply visit. And yes, older siblings are doubling, even tripling up to live together, rebounding after a job loss or divorce.

By having separate entrances, family members can choose to live under the same roof while maintaining their own living spaces. The two most popular designs for multi-generational living are the use of finished, lower-level family rooms with lots of window light, a kitchenette, bedroom and full bath, or spare bedroom suites and extra living space above a garage. In order to make this happen, families are pooling resources together.

With the right space, this is a solution that can work out well for all.

Melinda Schnare is a real estate agent with RLAH Real Estate

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