Society Restaurant Declared “Unsafe Facility,” Receives 30-Day Closure Notice

Society Restaurant and Lounge at 8229 Georgia Ave. was declared an “unsafe facility” and a closure order issued on Sept. 29 by Dr. Travis Gayles, the county’s health officer.

The restaurant will remain closed for 30 days “or until notified by the County Health Officer that the Unsafe Facility is allowed to continue operations under modified conditions.”

The order finds that “the aforementioned facility is operating in a manner that poses an unreasonable risk of exacerbating the spread of COVID-19.”

Society had previously been shut down and its license suspended on July 12 for not maintaining social distancing. The lounge was permitted to reopen after filing a “Plan of Correction” with the county and committing to operating safely.

The Republic Garden at 8402 Georgia Ave. received a similar 30-day shutdown notice on July 26 for not maintaining social distancing.

Today’s Society news was first reported by Bethesda Beat.

Photo by David Lay

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