Complaints Monday: Police Chase Edition

Happy Monday! We received word of a Police Chase & Arrest on Silver Spring Avenue this morning.

From the Silver Spring Ave. Listserv: “There were no fewer than 9 police vehicles in front our our house plus a fire truck and an ambulance…which were probably for something else entirely.

The person the police apprehended appeared to have many tattoos, including some on his face. He was handcuffed and shirtless when we went onto the porch to have a look. No one told us to go back inside, so whatever danger there may have been was over.

The people who bought the house across the street were busy moving boxes into the house from a small van…I suppose we might mention that this sort of thing doesn’t happen every day.”

What’s on your mind? Let us know what complaints, annoyances, or other thoughts/questions that you may have. Please keep it civil.

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