Café and coffee shop coming to The Bonifant

Architect’s rendering of Lewi Café interior courtesy Sebil Alemu.

Work is underway on a new café and coffee shop at 911 Bonifant St. on the ground floor of The Bonifant senior apartments.

“At this moment we are in the construction phase hoping to open the cafe for the upcoming new year,” said Sebil Alemu in an email to the Source.

Alemu is one of the principals behind Lewi Café and pointed out that the company currently operates Snow Café in Ellicott City.

That shop features hot and cold coffee drinks, bubble teas, smoothies, traditional and specialty sandwiches, paninis, salads and Belgian waffles. The café also serves breakfast.

Snow Café also specializes in Korean snow ice desserts. This dessert dates back to the 12th century and typically included shaved ice with “a few ingredients, primarily red bean paste, Korean rice cakes, and ground nut powder. In the mid-20th century, foreign influence led to the addition of nuts, ice cream, cereal, syrups, whipped cream, fruit cocktail, and fruits, to include maraschino cherries,” according to the company website.

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