Grooming Salon Owner Convicted on Animal Cruelty Charges

The owner of a pet grooming salon in the Woodmoor neighborhood of Silver Spring was convicted in District Court July 21 of 17 counts of animal cruelty, officials with Montgomery County Office of Animal Services announced.

Carrie Seek owned Pampered Poodles, a grooming salon and licensed commercial kennel located at 101 Williamsburg Dr.

The OAS acted on a complaint to Executive Director Thomas Koenig by a veterinarian at Metropolitan Animal Emergency Specialty Center, executing a search warrant on Oct. 17, 2020.

“At the home, officers found unsanitary conditions that included an infestation of fleas. All dogs were found anemic as a result of the extreme flea infestation,” according to a press release.

Officers seized seven Maltese-type dogs, two Shiloh Shepherd-type dogs and one small turtle. One of the Maltese types died from medical conditions exacerbated by the anemia, officials said.

“The dogs received veterinary care at the county’s animal shelter facility in Derwood. The flea anemia was resolved in the other dogs, the skin healed and the missing fur grew back,” according to the release. “The dogs remain in Office of Animal Services custody pending any future appeals.”

Seek was prosecuted by the county State’s Attorney office on 17 counts of failure to provide veterinary care and adequate space.

“She was sentenced by Judge Victor M. Del Pino to 4.2 years of jail time, all 4.2 years were suspended, and two years of supervised probation,” the release reads. “She will be prohibited from owning, residing with, possessing or controlling any animals during this period. She was also ordered to receive mental health care services and abide by the treatment recommendations.”

Seek has 30 days to appeal the ruling.

MCOAS photos

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