New York City Media Company Begins Installing Interactive Broadcasting Kiosks at Flash Stations

Smart City Media, a New York City-based media and technology company, has begun installing CityPost interactive broadcasting kiosks under a franchise agreement with Montgomery County.

The first digital kiosks are being placed at Flash bus rapid transit stations along the Route 29 corridor.

The displays will include curated information, real-time transit information, public wi-fi (where feasible), location-based weather and government messages, supported by advertising revenues.

Under the terms of the agreement, proposed by the county executive and approved by the County Council in 2020, the county will receive 25% of Smart City’s net revenues. The initial term of the franchise is 5 years, with options for two 5-year extensions (possible total of 15 years).

Smart City will own and operate the kiosks and must not display, according the agreement,  “any message or information that:

  • Is unlawful or concerns unlawful activity,
  • Contains obscene material, or
  • Mimics a traffic control device.”

While Smart City may collect data and information through hardware, software, and mobile applications, that information must be given to the county at no charge upon request. Smart City is not permitted to sell the data or information to third parties.

In addition to New York City, the company operates similar franchises in Kansas City, Mo., Louisville, Dallas, Memphis and other locations, including a Missouri college campus.

Photo by David Lay

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