Police Release Video, Partial Transcript from White Shooting Investigation

Screenshot from the backup officer’s body-worn camera video showing Robert White (right) and Officer Badgujar.

The body-camera videos from the officers involved in the June 11 shooting death of Robert White have been released by the Montgomery County Police Department.

The videos come from the cameras worn by Office Anand Badgujar, who fired the shots, and an officer who responded as back up.

In the Badgujar video, he initially calls for White, who he refers to as “big man,” to stop and White keeps moving. White then stops to take a swing at the officer, and runs off. Badgujar pursues White and says on the video that it may be a case of “suicide by cop.”

Later, White, near one of the police cars, looks back and sees Badgujar pointing his gun. White is heard shouting, “Do it! Do it!” turns his back on the officer and keeps moving away.

The officer continues to follow White, at one point saying several times, “Sir, I do not want to shoot you” while White again shouts, “Do it!”

A few moments later, White turns on the officer and rushes him while repeating, “Do it! Do it!”

Badgujar then begins firing, and White goes down in a parking lot.

On Monday, the Howard County State’s Attorney office informed the Montgomery County Police Department that no action would be taken in White’s death.

In a letter to Chief Thomas Manger, State’s Attorney Dario Broccolino said two senior prosecutors assigned to the case reviewed police body-camera footage, witness statements and interviews, and crime scene photographs, including those taken by witnesses.

The incident, which took place in the 9200 block of Three Oaks Drive near Sligo Creek Parkway, was investigated by the Howard County office under an agreement between the counties that established the process as normal protocol for an officer-involved shooting.

In the press release that accompanied the video, the department included some of the questions asked by the Howard County representatives and responses provided by Badgujar’s attorney, which are reproduced here:

Question: “What drew Officer Badgujar’s attention to Robert White?”

Attorney’s Response:

“As he [Officer Badgujar] drove in his car past Three Oaks Drive he observed Robert White walking north on the right side of Three Oaks Drive.  His attention was drawn to Robert White as he observed that Robert White had a large rip in the fabric on the upper back of his outer garment, and because he abruptly moved his right hand to the right side of his body.  As Officer Badgujar passed Three Oaks Drive, Robert White continued to stare at the marked police vehicle as it traveled on Sligo Creek Parkway.”

In addition, Officer Badgujar’s attorney provided the following information:

“Officer Badgujar observed that Robert White was appearing as if he was going to continue straight on foot passed the dead-end on Three Oaks Drive.  As Robert White observed Officer Badgujar’s police presence he abruptly turned right while in the middle of the intersection towards a foot path which appeared to go to a different neighborhood.  Robert White bladed his right side away from Officer Badgujar and thrust his right hand into his right jacket/hoodie pocket while raising his right shoulder.  Robert White quickened his pace and began to walk toward the footpath while looking over his shoulder at Officer Badgujar.  These actions in their totality (based on his training and experiences), made Officer Badgujar believe that Robert White was armed.”

Question:  “As Robert White advanced on Officer Badgujar, why did Officer Badgujar fire his gun instead of using his ASP baton to repel the attack?”

Attorney’s Response:

“As Robert White made contact he attempted to grab Officer Badgujar’s firearm while yelling, ‘DO IT!’  Officer Badgujar believed that Robert White was attempting to take the firearm so he [Robert White] could use it against him [Officer Badgujar].  Officer Badgujar believed that Robert White was actively attempting to take control of his firearm, not by mistake or accident; White was committed to his actions.”

Question: “After the first shot and after [Officer Badgujar] fell to the ground, why did Officer Badgujar continue firing his gun?”

Attorney’s Response:

“The first shot was not effective.  Officer Badgujar struck the ground and was still attempting to move backwards away from Robert White.  Robert White yelled, ‘DO IT AGAIN!’  Robert White continued to press on and Officer Badgujar believed that he [Robert White] was still trying to come after his firearm to use it against him.  Officer Badgujar continued to fire his gun until the threat was stopped.”

The video, which is graphic, can be seen here.

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