Picnickers at Nine County Parks to be Allowed Alcoholic Drinks

Picnickers in nine county parks will be able to enjoy alcoholic drinks with their meals beginning on Thursday, Sept. 24. The action is a pilot program that will run through May 31, 2021 as part of the Picnic in the Park initiative launched in August. Picnic in the Park allows park visitors to easily find nearby restaurants offering takeout and delivery.

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Fans Now Able to Attend Outdoor Performances with Restrictions

Fans of outdoor entertainment now will be able to attend performances under certain guidelines released yesterday by the county. Audiences will be limited to 50 attendees, who must buy tickets in advance and will have to maintain social distancing (at least six feet) from those who are not part of the same household.

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  1. Disqus: Damn! I just ate there 9 days ago. They had a good crowd and I thought they were doing OK.

    Commented on: Eggspectation has Permanently Closed

  2. whycantwejustloveeverybody: That really sucks. I ordered from them a couple times during COVID. I’ll have to start ordering more delivery from local restaurants. If Negril closes, I’m done.

    Commented on: Eggspectation has Permanently Closed

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