Nonprofit Offered Weekend Gift-Wrapping Service

Silver Spring Timebank members provided free gift wrapping on Dec. 9 at Loyalty Bookstore, a pop-up bookstore on Ellsworth Drive in downtown Silver Spring.

SSTB is a timebank in which people exchange their services for hours of credit that are “banked” so they can use the credit later for other services they may need. No cash is exchanged.

However, the timebank has expenses for special activities and for supplies such as the wrapping paper used at this event, so donations rom events such as these are always welcome. 

Members enjoyed doing the wrapping as a service to the community and as a way to meet new people. They wrapped not only books and other goods sold at the store, but also gifts people brought in from other stores. One unexpected challenge was wrapping a guitar and amp, which required three people working together.

Customers appreciated the fact that they did not have to deal with wrapping presents themselves. One commented that she liked that she could take home already-wrapped gifts, so household members could not see what they would be getting.

“The wide assortment of wrapping paper, bows, and boxes was fantastic, so the team had the perfect box for the gloves we wanted wrapped. I love the rich array of skills in the timebank!” said Jonathan Bernstein, also a timebank member.

Tanya DeKona, one of the wrappers and a longtime timebank member, said she likes being a part of SSTB because of sharing services and the socials it sponsors, such as a white elephant exchange.

“It’s a great way to conserve resources,” she added. She has used the timebank for things such as help with electrical projects. 

Another wrapper, Andrea Scallon, said SSTB is a great resource. The skills she shares are photography and baking. She especially likes the “swaps” sponsored by the timebank in which members swap items they no longer need for something someone else no longer needs.  Past swaps have included tools, kitchen items, and holiday décor, and she said she looks forward to future swaps.

To find out more information about SSTB, go to

Guest post from Donna Sasser, a relatively new SSTB member who enjoys writing and helping other people. She is a former federal employee who grew up in the Midwest, but considers Silver Spring her home.

Top photo, SSTB members (l-r) Katherine Brook, Kathy Jentz and Jonathan Bernstein ready to wrap gifts. Below, Brooks works on a wrap request. Photos courtesy Kathy Jentz and Jonathan Bernstein.

Nonprofit Offered Weekend Gift-Wrapping Service

Mike Diegel

Co-Founder/Editor at Source of the Spring
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Nonprofit Offered Weekend Gift-Wrapping Service