Sidewalk project underway in East Silver Spring

Photo by Mike Mowery

Work has begun to repair and replace sidewalks in East Silver Spring, a project expected to take about 9-10 weeks, depending on the weather.

According to information distributed by county’s Department of Transportation, a contractor will replace deteriorated, damaged and misaligned curbs and gutters, and then restore disturbed areas with soil, grass seed and straw mulch.

This phase will cover Thayer, Sligo and Silver Spring avenues, as well as cross streets such as Fenton and Grove.

Homeowners who have damaged driveway aprons and/or lead walks can have them repaired or replaced by the contractor at the same price the county is paying for the work.

The apron is that portion of the driveway that’s within the public right-of-way, generally from the curb to the back edge of the sidewalk or to the property line. The lead walk is the sidewalk that runs from the edge of the road to the property line, and usually connects to the sidewalk leading to the front door.

The county is not responsible for maintaining aprons or lead walks as those only benefit the property owner, not the general public. However, county policy requires the owner to assume responsibility for maintaining those areas.

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The project managers for this work are Adam Derrick (240.777.7637) and John Birton (240.777.7616).

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