iPhone COVID-19 Exposure Notifications Now Available in Maryland

COVID-19 Exposure Notifications are now available in Maryland for Apple iPhone devices, according to a tweet from Mike Ricci, Director of Communications for the State of Maryland.

To enable Exposure Notifications on iPhone, go to your iPhone’s Settings and turn on Exposure Notifications. Opt-in and select your region as Maryland and complete the onboarding as needed. Apple users will also receive proactive notifications alerting you when Exposure Notifications are available.

For Android users, officials say that the MD COVID Alert app is available on Google Play, but we could not find the app in the Google Play App Store at the time of publication. The Play Store may notify you when the app is available. You can also search for “MD COVID Alert” directly on the Play Store.

When asked about app privacy, Ricci responded in a tweet: “The system puts a premium on privacy, doesn’t track your location, and doesn’t share your identity with other users.”

More information on Exposure Notifications and MD COVID Alert can be found on the State of Maryland’s covidLINK website.

UPDATE 11/10/2020 10:30 AM: MD COVID Alert is now available for Android Devices in the Google Play App Store.

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