Council Passes Bill to Provide Incentives to Purchase Private Security Cameras

The County Council on Tuesday approved a bill that would provide incentives in the form of rebates to property owners in certain areas of the county to purchase security cameras for homes or businesses.

Bill 14-22, Police – Private Security Camera Incentive Program – Established, will establish a private security camera incentive program within the police department.

The program will allow purchasers to apply for a voucher or rebate, not to exceed the purchase cost, in “priority areas” as designated by the police chief.

“The bill defines ‘priority area’ as ‘one or more police districts identified by the chief as needing additional security cameras based upon public safety indicators, including crime levels,’” according to a press release.

“As an opt-in program, the private security camera incentive program will empower community efforts to address crimes happening in their own neighborhoods,” said Councilmember Craig Rice (D-District 2), one of two lead sponsors along with Councilmember Sidney Katz (D-District 3) that introduced the bill in June.

“We have seen multiple violent crimes right here in Montgomery County solved with the assistance of camera footage taken by a resident or a business,” Rice continued. “I hope the families of victims will see this program as a small way to honor their loved ones through real action to deter and solve crimes.”

The police chief will be required to report on the program’s implementation to the council. Details about the incentives will be posted on the department’s website.

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